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Decorative Interior Panels
Modern Outlook of Decmore

Future Interior Trends

Trend forecasters are predicting a strong and imaginative direction in interior design in future. With uncertain times ahead, interior design trends are moving towards inspiring and capturing personality through the element of design.

The use of art in interior design and architecture continues to extend beyond handy craft items and being applied to interior design, that produce a creative, soft and rich furnishing and furniture product. . Be it through colour subject or pattern, art has an innate ability to define emotions and is considered a core element in today's interior design. Commonly placed an furniture, there is a district relationship that art works produce with the space in which it is placed.

Decmore Panels Limited continually focus on the research and development of new design ideas to provide fresh concept while maintaining a high level of artwork to facilitate future tends . Interior decorative finished panels (IDFP) will expand in design offering, giving people the opportunity to be more flexible with respect of depth, texture colour and designs compared to the limited options available in the market. 2013 will bring about an increase in metal and stone textures with the natural looks there will be an integration of old and new products that engage with a customer's emotions , with the modern generation conscious of its carbon foot print and dedicated to products that respect their well being and the environment.